NBA Pick : Toronto @ Cleveland Game One 5/17

First two games of the NBA Pick for the Eastern Conference Final are historically straight forward.  Good Morning HRWager customers as we strive to provide the best in money making free picks for you.  Tonight, we get to see Cleveland in action after having an immense time off after sweeping the Hawks.  The opposite seems in effect for the Raptors as their two series that went the maximum made sure they were on television frequently.  We have the spread on the favored Cavs and it has reached double digits.  Which way will the profit pour in from for this 8:30 PM start for this May 17th affair?

NBA Pick : Free Range

NBA Pick 5/17

While Toronto has little chance in the overall series, Game One is their chance to strike.  Normally, the second encounter in Cleveland would be the one to strike except for one facet of the Cavs offense.  The three point shot.  Once can practice and simulate it but nothing replaces the pressure packed situations like tonight.  With the onus of the Cavs offense on this long range aspect, a significant period of time away from the game will have them off the mark.  Look for their production from way downtown to be lower because of a down percentage made from the field.


Spreads and Totals

-10 is the spread with a total now at 202.  203 was the bar that had been set and the overnight sharps nibbled it down.  Do not get us wrong.  Rest is a wonderful thing for Cleveland.  It helps will their long term success in almost every scenario except Game One.  They will struggle.  Not with the Raptors but with themselves.  First half wager on Toronto would be a high expectation wager.  Raptors being somewhere they have never been plus the adrenaline will have them flying around the court until it wears out.

Forget matchups and who can do what against the other.  That is for later down the series.  This is all about in game recovery.  Wager the first half on the Raptors plus the points.  Plunder the under in the totals for the entire game.  Raptors will show for a half and then hit the wall because of attrition.  Good fortune with our free picks and we will see you later today here at TGf.

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