NBA Prediction for Spurs @ Thunder Game Four 5/8

NBA Predictions 5/8

A shift in the onus of playoff production is the focus of HRWager’s NBA Prediction for the evening game on May 8th.  Happy Mother’s Day from the HRW to you and yours.  San Antonio regained home court advantage with a narrow win in Game Three.  Now the Thunder are in a must win situation as winning three games in San Antonio is tantamount to disaster.  Our linesmaker has set the bar with the Thunder being a narrow home court dog at +1.  Which team will allows us to end the week on a high note?

NBA Prediction : Three Point Happy

A formula was found with the Warriors success last year.  Players like it and it gives most of the point happy fans what they want.  The three point shot has seen the Cavs take it to new heights in the East with much success.  Even this series has seen the old Spurs take to this dimension.  The one talented team that is trying this that does not go into their wheelhouse is the Thunder.  Game Three saw Russell Westbrook missing 21 shots.  If this was not bad enough, the most common problems in Oklahoma City reared their ugly heads once again.


Late game offensive sources are strained.  For most of the game, Durant and Westbrook can give and take in point production.  At crunch time, one of them should become the primary option.  No coach seems to have enough will to make this decision in all of the Thunder’s existence as a Western Conference power.  This makes it so hard for them to close contests at the end.  Secondly, team defense suffers from meltdowns.  There was a situation in Game Three where four players pointed to Tony Parker to pick him up.  Alas, no one did and is indicative of their flaws.

In the end, someone must be Robin to Batman.  They are not in Oklahoma City and the Thunder suffer from it.  Talent propels them in a majority of situations.  Tonight will not be one of them.  Spurs have the wisdom to know not to allow the Thunder off of the matt twice.  A win here results in a practical burial in the series.  HRWager’s NBA Investment of the is the Spurs ML.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.

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