NBA Predictions : Indiana @ Toronto Game Five 4/26

NBA Predictions 4/26

The weight of expectations is the theme of our NBA predictions for Game Five between the Pacers and the Raptors.  For the #2 seed in the East, Toronto has had a well earned reputation of floundering in the playoffs.  Even though this series is tied at two apiece, the Raptors are doing little to alter the past.  Their star guards are continually being MIA in a physical series that sees them reacting like the Clippers.  Linesmakers seem to not be worried about this as the spread is a pesky -7.  Which way will the profit pour in from for this game?

NBA Predictions :Love the Double D’s

Four games and not one decided by anything less than double digits.  So when a spread like -7 comes on the home town Raptors, it tends to polarize our wagering range.  First important factor heading in is on the injury front.  Ian Mahinmi has a lower back injury which makes him questionable for this one.  Even if he can give it a go, he will be nowhere near the player that torched the Raptors for 22 points.  However, the physical nature that he and the other Pacers bring into this game and further plunge this series closer to chaos.

Guard Problems

Shocking fact that the last game was the first in the series that the Pacers won the rebounding edge.  Default mode is that Indiana is good on the boards.  Leaks like this in the handicapping process could cause the sports investor problems.  For the Raptors, all their ills come from their guards.  Normally averaging 20 points or more apiece, they scored a combined 20 points.  Hill and George and blanketing them and it reflects in their shooting performance.  8-27 from the field with a bagel from three point land.  When this happens, they can not even outscore the very limited offense of the Pacers.

X factor in this series is Monta Ellis.  He continues to have his head in the game and the Pacers are a different team.  Your wagering range should be restricted to these two.  Raptor fans should opt for the -7 as large wins in the series has been the norm. Investors that favor the Pacers should go for the gusto with the ML near the +240 range.  Good fortune in your selection and we will see you later on today here at the HRW.


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