NBA Preview : Spurs at Clippers 2/18

Too bad the trade deadline is 3PM today as the Clippers have no more time for key auditions of their talent.  Over the course of the next two games, LAC gets both the Spurs and Warriors.  If there is ever a litmus test for your team it is during this stretch, this would be it.  Now they get to face one of the more deliberate teams in the 45-8 Spurs.  San Antonio is a four and a half road favorite but can we trust them to make our late night cash this evening?

NBA Preview : Pace or Lack of It

NBA Preview 2/18

Big Three in San Antonio have slowed down and morphed into role players.  This transformation has also extended to the pace of play they have.  With Leonard and LeMarcus, post play has been the staple of this team now.  They are playing the slowest in half a decade.  This is in stark antithesis to the rest of the league with posers emulating the Warriors.  Can the Clippers beat a team that packs a punch in the frontcourt?



Adversity comes in many forms in the NBA.  Blake goes down and the Clippers rally and perform well in the regular season stretch.  Used to be that LAC would crumple under big games.  They are improving but you will not see it tonight.  Almost half the roster has rumors revolving around them.  Even if nothing happens, LAC has had all this tension build up for days.  Now they get the very physical Spurs to boot.  No wonder why the line has moved from -3 to – 4 1/2.

Spurs should be your go to investment of the night.  San Antonio basketball has been solid over the years and even more so with their deliberate pace.  Couple that with the All-Star break and the Spurs have high energy.  LAC is worn down from stress and tension.  Even if nothing changes, the playing field is not level for this one.  HRWager recommends going with the Spurs minus the points this evening.  Good fortune and we will see you later on here at the HRW.


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