NBA Tip : Toronto’s Identity in the Post Season 4/15

NBA Tip 4/15

Grow up or go home is the mantra surrounding HRWager’s NBA Tip regarding the Toronto Raptors.  The progress they have made over the years have to come to fruition now.  Frankly, they have the easier of the two projected paths to the Eastern Conference Finals.  With an almost clear path in the first two rounds, how quickly should they dispatch of the Pacers in the first round.  The HRW looks at this issue right now with our NBA Tip for your bankroll with this opening round game near Noon EST on Saturday, April 16th.


NBA Tip : Assets

Last few years, guard play is coming back to the forefront of the NBA.  Spacing and shooting garnered the Warriors a championship and this is where a solid foundation exists in Toronto.  DeRozan and Lowry can pile up the points from outside the arc as well as those coveted mid range jumper region.  DeMar will get less attention because while he is a threat, he does not sling it as well as Lowry.  Kyle goes for close to 40 percent from three and 50 percent within ten feet.  Look for DeMar to have openings mid range with Lowry getting most of the looks from the rest of the regions.  We are not discrediting the defensive prowess of George Hill but he can only guard one of them.  Monta Ellis’ mental ups and downs are a wildcard but Raptors still have the advantage here against the Pacers backcourt.

Big Men

Recent history has given us the surprising indicator that the Pacer big men have problems going up against Toronto.  Jonas Valanciunas does well against him.  Biggest problem for Toronto is getting the ball out of the hands of the guards to let him get a few more points. Might be prudent to do so here because Myles Turner and Ian Mahinmi have been cursed with foul trouble against Toronto.  If Toronto can keep even with production from the front court then they are winning this matchup because they would have exceeded expectations.

Finally, bench play even leans towards the Raptors here.  Cory Joseph has been consistent in his role of the pine with Norman Powell becoming more of an asset now.  They can certainly outpace Rodney Stuckey.  Ty Lawson is under rated for the Pacers but he needs to be with a single team at the start of the season so  a franchise can utilize him properly.  Look for the Raptors in five here.  Good fortune and we will see you later on here at the HRW.


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