NBA Today : Steal for Game Three with Cleveland @ Toronto

NBA Today 5/21

Dealing with the NBA Today in the Eastern Conference, making the final seems to be the limit for anyone not named LeBron.  Good morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today we look at the state of affairs in Toronto.  Game Three is here and most of the reasonable inhabitants of this city hope to not be swept against the Cavs.  Cleveland shown little ill effect from their almost nine day layoff as they trounced the Raptors in the first two games.  Even with +5, can the Raptors even cover at home in tonight’s game?


NBA Today : Uncharted Territory

We are in the midst of historical dominance right now.  Record to start a playoffs undefeated is eleven wins.  Laker teams in 1989 and 2001 hit this peak with their superstars.  Now LeBron is at the point of tying this record and it appears little can hold him back.  Without the Raptors playing much defense, the buckets have come too easy at home.  Will the road be any different?  What pits Toronto behind the eight ball is lack of rest!  With all their seven game series extensions, they are in their most condensed period of playing basketball since November.  Add to it the added pressure of the playoffs and even the adrenaline is running dry up in the north.

Best Hope is to Pack it In

Allow the cavs to shoot the three in enemy territory.  If they can hit them then all you can do is tip your hat to them.  First half leads by Cleveland is more the product of lackluster interior defense.  Pack the middle with the old box and one college zone defense.  Dare them to beat you outside because they sure have proven they can do it in the paint.  The key here for us is the +5.  This gives a person some outs if it is a close game at home.  Will it be?

Nope.  Raptors are sitting on their accomplishments and happy to be here.  Not that they are unwilling to work on defense but they are too drained to do so.  Fast break points will be the key.  Cavs will increase the pace and Toronto will follow suit.  This gives the potential for another double digit win by Cleveland.  Pound the Cavs until proven wrong against the Raptors.  -5 not enough here.  Good luck with the Cavs tonight and we will see you later on here at the HRW.


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