NBA Wagering Alert : Milwaukee at Washington

NBA Wagering

Both teams have under performed this year.  One is due to injuries while the other has to do with the desire to do less work.  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today we are going to cover the Bucks at the Wizard for 1/13.  Milwaukee showed some stones and got revenge for a historic playoff blowout against the Bulls last night.  Wizards have had a night off to rest and boy did they need it.  Can the Wizards cover the spread which is rapidly approaching the -6 level this evening?


NBA Wagering Alert : Washington

Beal and Kris Humphries are out.  Their starting center missed the last game and might tonight with an infected knee.  This did not stop Washington from showing some depth and having seven players reach double digits with those players out against Chicago.  NeNe shown he can still do some things when called upon by scoring 14 points.  Washington has won two in a row on the road and are back home to try to snap a four game losing streak at Verizon.

Kudos to Bucks

Good news is that this team still has some heart and pride.  Chicago crushed them in the playoffs and scattered their hope to the wind last post season.  Now they are underperforming due to lack of defensive effort.  They found enough stones to beat the Bulls last night as the Greek Big Man came through.  Now they have to pack up and travel through cold weather to DC.  Verizon Center is a place where Monroe and the Greek have struggled mightily in the past.

Good and bad news for the youth in Milwaukee.  Attrition should not be as much a factor as this is one of the youngest starting lineups in the world.  Alas their mental makeup more than makes up to fade them.  They do not want to play defense anymore.  Monroe in particular since he got paid.  Washington can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Win this game and they are just a notch below .500 despite all the injuries. Take the -6 on the Wizards as double digits could very well be the verdict this evening.


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