NBA Wagering : Miami @ Toronto Game Two 5/5

NBA Wagering 5/5

NBA Wagering for the Heat and Raptors is reaching a fevered pitch.  Game One saw an all out war that required Miami almost winning the game twice to take it in overtime.  A lot of patterns saw their continuation in their victory.  Now a defensively challenged Raptors team has to fight one of the strongest trends in basketball.  Can the Raptors do this to not only win Game Two but cover the – 4 1/2 point spread at press time?


NBA Wagering : Fulfillment 

History has taught us a lot about Miami basketball.  These trends continued with their win on the 3rd.

  1. Score 100 points and Miami has won their last 11 games.
  2. They win a road game.  18 straight rounds where the Heat have won a road game continued.

The century mark is very telling as the Raptors default mode is not a defensive one.  They could not counter an aged Dwayne Wade as he took overtime to shine above all others here.  Goran Dragic must be in heaven in this series.  People expect the Toronto guards to score so his defensive liabilities are overlooked as Miami needs to keep pace with the Raptors.

Raptors Advantages

Whiteside strained his knee in the game but gutted it out.  After a days rest more should be known but look for him to be a bit tentative in the early going.  Jonas Valanciunas thrived against the front court of Miami.  This is a very good event for Toronto investors to ponder on.  With the Toronto guards still struggling, the Raptors almost won a game they had no right to.  Look for Lowry in particular to thrive because of the added attention that Valanciunas should garner.

Raptor fans will be happy as they leave Toronto even up.  Early line movement also bemoans this opinion.  Opener of -4 went to -5 quickly but has contracted back to -4 1/2.  Get the Raptors right now at this point spread as it will get worse more often than go to -4.  Good fortune to all those that tail this selection.  We will see you at Friday here at the HRW.


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