NCAA Free Pick for 9/7 : Ohio State @ Va. Tech

HRWager’s NCAA Free Pick has arrived for your Monday night football fix.  Even though it is a college game on tap, the pomp and circumstance are still there.  We have the defending national champions who are #1 on the road to take on the one team that beat them last year.  Not only that but the vulnerability they preyed upon still exists.  Follow as we examine which way will the profit will flow to us on Monday evening!

NCAA Free Pick : Seasoning

NCAA Free Pick

Where did Va. Tech strike last year to upset Ohio State at the Horseshoe?  Why they stacked the light, stopped the rushing attack, and dared to beat them through the air.  The results justified the means as the Hokies pulled off the upset last year.  Funny thing is that the same weakness is present for the Buckeyes.  Part of it is due to key suspensions for the first game but it is most certainly glaring.  It is not so much of a lack of talent but in big game experience that they are lacking in.

Game Planning

Outside of say ten yards, the OSU wide outs had room to roam but could not prevail on it.  So how much can you game plan when they are going to certainly face similar formations until they prove they can throw over them.  That is what the whole game will hinge on.  Va. Tech will go conservative in play calling in terms of reducing risk of creating turnovers.  With the game being played in Blacksburg, the home crowd noise will certainly shake a few things loose for Ohio State.

Your only consideration here should be the fourteen point spread.  Fading the Big Ten was profitable last year and with the exception of the big ML win Northwestern got, it remains in effect.  This OSU team will grow into their roll once again.  However they are now the hunted and as such, the game transitions to survival.  With this in mind, take the +14 at home for Va. Tech.  Good fortune in this and we will see you next time here at HRWager.

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