NCAAF Betting : Fade Ohio State?

For our NCAAF betting patterns, HRWager is first off advising to fade Ohio State.  Find out how the chinks in the armor are going to lead to an implosion of almost Los Angeles Angels proportion.  Secondly, we are going to look at the conference that everyone loves to beat up on.  The Big Ten was featured front and center in yesterday’s action.  So let us break down what happened there yesterday and formulate a pattern of attack for next Saturday’s college football profit.

NCAAF Betting : Cardale’s Twitter

When chemistry issues make it to the public eye, the team is already past the verge of implosion.  The Angels griped about a pitcher not playing hurt enough to the media and they tanked ever since.  Now in the face of a very difficult 20-13 win against NIU, Cardale Jones upped the ante on the potential disfunction with this team.  He has changed his Twitter Bio to read 2nd string quarterback for Ohio State.  That coupled with some of the game play and time management skills being called into question, OSU should be a definite fade in the face of higher spreads these days.

Best Game No One is Talking About

Do the research but see for yourself the heart that the Huskers showed in Miami.

Do not under estimate the heart of a team that does not quit in the face of an almost certain loss.  The team fought hard in the heat of Miami.  I for one will be giving them the wagering benefit of the doubt in close decisions this season.

Quick Hitter

Offensive line of Penn State is stellar.  No sacks yet and they get off the ball well.  Look for above average expectation on the Lions when wagering this year.

Finally, this conference lags once again in covering monster spreads.  OSU, MSU, and Michigan were all gifted spreads of over 23 points.  The attitude of these teams is to just win in a yeoman manner.  Style points are for the high flying other countries.  Big Ten bettors should realize this and wager accordingly next Saturday.  Have a good day and we will talk tomorrow here at HRWager.



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