NCAAF Week One Review

Comparison is one of the favorite forms of free entertainment when it comes to college football.  How did the power five compare in potency out of week one?  Many people were waiting to see the continued decline of SEC.  Were they disappointed or did college football’s best conference come through once again?  Also in this article, we have the team that shows tremendous upside right out of the gate in a power conference.  Read on as HRWager starts to wrap up Week One of the college football season.


Riding High On UCLA

NCAAF Week One

While Notre Dame and Texas A & M certainly did impress, we are going to go with UCLA as the team of the week.  In particular, how freshman Josh Rosen slung it all over the field.  His stats were more impressive because they did not come at the expense of a cupcake but a decent Virginia team.  28 for 35 and over 350 yards not only showed his prowess but the willingness to invest in their freshman signal caller right away.  Growing pains might come their way but a one loss Pac  12 team should be in the title hunt and the Bruins will probably be the one in lead consideration.

Fade the Big Ten is in Effect

So going by just wins and losses is not the best way to evaluate each of the five power conferences but it does give one perspective.  Just look at this and let it seep in.

SEC 12-1

Big 12 : 8-2

ACC 10-3

Pac 12 7-5

Big Ten 7-6

First and foremost is that the SEC is a long way from being in decline.  Alabama verses Washington swept that point aside.  Also the Big 12 is a bit deceptive.  Texas got crushed by the Fighting Irish and TCU was far from firing on all cylinders against Minnesota.  Pac 12 fans were bolstered by the UCLA product but Stanford getting beat by Northwestern was bad for this conference.  Meanwhile the Big Ten is up to its same old tricks.  A hot Ohio State at the end of last year fooled people into thinking the conference would be different this time around.  Keep this in mind when wagering the Big Game Tonight.

Do not forget to invest in the marquee matchup this evening.  As pronounced in another blog article, the play of the day is Va. Tech +14.  Good fortune to all those that tail this and come back tomorrow as we start to set up the plate for NFL and NCAAF wagering for the upcoming week at HRWager.



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