NCAAM Handicapping : Value of Bubble Teams


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Old adage in college basketball and life in general states that nothing is more dangerous than a wounded and cornered animal.  As March Madness approaches, bubble teams attempt to rally and rise above the math and metrics that previously defined them.  The art of NCAAM handicapping at this time is to pluck which fruits are ripe for your bankrolls.  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today we will look at two teams that have asset stamped all over them for a late season push.

NCAAM Handicapping : Clemson

9-5 in the ACC is supposed to be an almost automatic berth into the NCAA’s.  However, the Tigers hope to keep their form after a not so flattering non conference schedule.  They do not even crack the top 300 in the stat.  Couple that with a loss to Minnesota and this team has the potential to flop and they will.  Their list of wins against the likes of Duke and Louisville are just a few of the high points.  However, this team has been found out and is capable of losing to the likes of Va. Tech in the conference.  Look for them to beat their middle teams but fail to cover both against the top tier and bottom rung of the ACC.

St Joseph’s

The Hawks are the team to embrace SU and ATS for the rest of the season.  They did a number in beating their rival Dayton.  Davidson was a setback but their next four conference games are gimmies.  Include this team in your parlays and spreads even venturing into double digits.  It took a 35 point special effort by Jack Gibbs to beat them and no one left on their regular season conference is capable of that type of burn the net performance.


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