News in Baseball : Giants Surge Woes in Washington 6/25

News in Baseball


News in Baseball here at HRWager takes a tour of a tale of two teams.  Giants are in a surge like few others in their storied history.  Meanwhile, Washington is in woe having lost six in a row.  Let us see which of their fates will continue or will both gravitate back towards the mean.  Profit on the diamond is in our minds and heart right now here at the HRW.


News in Baseball 31-9 SF Streak

How can this happen with all the walking wounded that the Giants have?  We are not talking about a key person or two but depth issues across the board.4

  1. Pence and Cain are suffering hamstring problems
  2. Duffy, Adrianza, and Duffy have problems either in their ankles or thumbs

Starting pitching has had to be tinkered with.  Bullpen running on fumes.  When they squander a lead, a role player gets a big player to bail them out.  What can and can not stop them?  Their run has come against a lot of below.500 teams.  Schedule gets much tougher.  When this happens, their limited offense which is getting 4.6 runs per will be tested to keep up this top ten pace against better competition.  Fade the Giants after this weekend for profit.

A Week Without a Win?

Washington has lost six in a row all on the road.  It has gotten so odd that Max Scherzer walked a run in the first inning.  Limited offensive potential continues to plague this team.  Six batters have hit ten or more home runs but most of them not in clutch situations.  Lineup adjustments have not helped their Runs In Scoring Position average.  With two more games before Washington comes home to face the Mets, the Nats are mental mush.  Does not mean that they cant beat the Brewers this weekend but one should not go to war with the Nationals right now!  Look for rest and rebound after their Sunday game and return to the nation’s capitol.

Washington’s woes will finally end start of next week.  Giants have to keep up their offense against a portion of the schedule that gets a lot tougher.  Fade the Giants to start the week.  Watch the war between NY and Washington starting Monday.  Great baseball action is on the way here at HRWager.  Good fortune this weekend and we will see you on Sunday here at the HRW.


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