NFL Betting : Atlanta visits the 49’ers


How does a 6-2 Atlanta team escape the west coast is the topic in NFL betting we are set to examine at HRWager?  The Falcons have to cope with road travels and now defensing against Blaine Gabbert.  Can the former Jaguar resurrect his career after Colin has been benched?  Finally, how does one cope with a spread that has been a runaway only in one direction?  All of this for your 4PM money maker right now at HRWager.

NFL Betting : San Fran to Play Hard


People and ownership were under the impression that Harbaugh was the problem.  Ends up he was the glue that kept them together.  A franchise in free fall has finally come to the conclusion that Colin’s time has run out.  More importantly, unless you are Cam Newton, the era of the mobile is done.  Now the franchise turns to Blaine Gabbert as the stop gap.  However, the 49’ers might respond very well as Colin had a reputation from being any where from shy to an elitist.  Can a rag tag team decimated by injuries hope to pull off the upset or at least cover the +7 dog status at home they have?

Turnover Ratio

Past Atlanta teams have done well in the turnover ratio.  This year is a departure with a -2 in the category.  Walking this tight rope finally caught up to them against Tampa Bay last week.  Matt Ryan has had better years but until last week had not cost them a game.  Too much talent here to post the uneven results they have been mired in.  Look for them to get Devonta Freeman at RB many touches early to deflect some of the pressure off of the Falcons’ passing game.

Change is tough to gauge here because the Niners do not even have a viable back up.  How can a franchise that has a mobile entity like Colin not have a second stringer worth his weight?  Sad to say but this team is nowhere near the bottom.  Two picks for this one. Take San Fran to win the first half plus the points.  Atlanta to cover the entire game is the other investment opportunity.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.

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