NFL Betting : Morning, Noon, and Night 10/4 Pt. I

NFL Betting from HRWager urges you to remember the early morning game in London.  NY Jets and the Dolphins provide a nibble at the feast for Sunday.  Which way will we go with this one?  Also on the menu are the Raiders at Chicago.  So sit back and prepare to profit from all the sports investment opportunities this Sunday, 10/4.

NFL Betting

London Calling

Miami has the experience in these type of games.  Last year, this team was in a similar circumstance after a string of early disappointments but they came back in a big way to pound Oakland.  This year at 1-2, defensive issues are at the front and center of the team.  Where the Lions miss Suh’s individuality, the Dolphins coaching staff is having a hard time adapting to it  With so much invested, they are going to have to tweak their defense to highlight him instead of forcing him into a situation where he is not productive.  Still with all this dysfunction, there are the better team compared to the Jets.  Take the point or point and a half that you can get on Miami and cash this one in.  Remember this is an early nine AM game so get those bets in now.

Oakland at Chicago 1PM (-3 Raiders / 44 1/2)

  1. They can beat the bad teams and get battered by the good ones.  This is the state of football in Oakland and it is a marked improvement over where they have been.  They have star power in Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Khalili Mack.  This gives them an offense in the top five in the league.
  2. Chicago has tanked in the team categories this year.  32nd in points allowed with an awful 31st in points scored has them looking for new pieces already.  Clausen could not infuse life in this offense.

Disregard the potential of a trap game.  Chicago might not get into the win column until they face Detroit.  Easy pickings for a team that is clearly on the upswing.  Can the Raiders take the west?  No but until they get to that level, they will feast on those that are in the lower half of the league.  Raiders minus three as the road favorite is still a good wager to unload on.

Whom would have ever thought that Oakland on the road would be the prudent investment of the week.  Miami on the road for the appetizer will get it all down good  Stay tuned to HRWager tomorrow as we provide the entree and dessert for your NFL Sunday feast.



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