NFL Betting : Power Prop on Margin of Victory for 10/1

NFL Betting has high octane large return props associated with the marque games.  Tonight’s encounter has a 0-3 Baltimore team venturing into Steelers’ Country.  Despite being 2-1 and being at home, Pittsburgh is +3 on the spread.  In this article, we will examine what a margin of victory prop is and how you can reduce the hunch into a possible very highly profitable outcome for Thursday Night Football.

NFL Betting : Margin of Victory

NFL Betting

Here is where HRWager gives you the ability to call your own shot and not have to be perfect about it.  The margin of victory is in a certain range and does not entail nailing the exact number. They cover every possibility (except tie) up to the infamous 22 and over bet. Simply put for every unique range, a new line is presented. Here is a look at how the odds are broken down in this one.



High on the Ravens?!


Here is where the line is pegged at -3.  Let us see if our linesmaker gives the favorite status to the range that includes Ravens one to three points.

  1. One to three equates to +500
  2. Four to Six = +700
  3. Seven to ten collects +550
  4. Eleven to thirteen takes +1250
  5. Fourteen to seventeen is +850
  6. Eighteen to 21 +1050
  7. Over twenty one +550

Including similar wagers on the Steelers to win it, the line for this game is granted favor status but at +500.  How many times has one sat in wonder pondering how the book nailed the game?  Now you can take those moments of frustration and pushed bets and reap a +500 if they are proved correct.

These wagers are not for everyone.  The adrenaline swings are mighty but the payouts can be outstanding.  Investigate the margin of victory wager today.  A properly placed hunch can crash through that glass ceiling your bankroll is bumping against.  Good fortune tonight and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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