NFL Breaking News : Lynch Out for Seattle

Backers of Minnesota in the five region are rejoicing at HRWager’s NFL Breaking News.  Star running back Marshawn Lynch is out for Seattle.  He did not even board the plane.  What effect did it have on the money coming in?  Read on as your friends at HRW bring you an update on this breaking story.

NFL Breaking News

lynch out

Even Pete thought that one of his stars would be back after such a lengthy battle with an injury.  He was on record Friday saying this but Lynch over rode him and took himself out of the running literally for the Seahawks at the Vikings on Sunday.  November 15th he addressed a sports hernia and has been out since.  He gave it a go all week in practice.  Friday afternoon saw a quick succession from him going from doubtful to out.

Twilight Zone of Recovery

This has been a very odd event.  Normally, a player remains in contact and close by during a recovery like this.  Almost a month, he had no timetable even set for his return.  Speculation is that perhaps he came back too soon.  The cold would have a definite factor on this.  Now Seattle is down to almost scraps at the tailback slot.  He and Thomas Rawls are both out.

Only thing that could save the Seahawks is the modern interpretation that the offensive line can make the running back.  Sub Christine Michael did get over 100 against a disinterested Cardinals team.  As a result, Minnesota has gone from+5 to +4 with no change in the totals.  If the Vikings can assign the right spy on QB RUssell Wilson then Seattle’s suddenly potent offense could be struggling in this one.  Stay tuned to HRWager for all the latest in your NFL News as it pertains to the wagering aspect of the sport.

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