NFL Cancels Hall of Fame Game 8/8

NFL Cancels

An aftermath in which the NFL Cancels the Hall of Fame game starts our work weeks.  Good Morning and welcome back to HRWager. We hope that you all had a relaxing and profitable weekend. One group of fans that did not were those in attendance at Benson Stadium.   The site where the Packers and Colts were set to play an exhibition game had unsafe field conditions and was called off. Why did this happen?  What does this mean for the fans in attendance?  Let us examine this issue right now at HRWager.

NFL Cancels : Tar like Consistency

Benson Stadium has had its issues in the past with its playing surface.  Remember the Pittsburgh place kicker that tore his ACL there last year.  It was credited to the bad field and he would have to retire soon afterward.  Well the league set in motion a three year plan to make improvements to the venue.  It had appeared to be working as the Hall of Fame weekend opened up to rave reviews.  Those that came to see the Tim McGraw concert were raving on social media about the layout and appearance of the field. The NFL even took the precaution of covering the field for that Friday event as well as on field ceremonies for Saturday.  Only after they took off the “tarp” did they see the sticky situation they were in.

Many Elements in the Works

So there was a new field that was clomped on by Tim McGraw.  Ohio rain and then blistering sun treated it like an Easy Bake Over from the past.  On Sunday, it was done as some of the endzone and most of the very large emblem at mid field was a gooey mess.  Players would most certainly be exposed to a greater risk to injury by playing on it.  Kudos to the league for recognizing this.  Now we have the issue of compensation for the fans.

Hopefully the league will not go the lawsuit route again.  Remember the fans that showed up at Super Bowl XLV with tickets for seats that did not exist. It took a federal case for some of them to get true compensation.  Hopefully the NFL offers more than face value for the tickets.  Many Packers fans traveled great distances and plunked down for hotels and missed work for this event.  We shall see if the NFL has truly learned a lesson and will make fans content after this debacle.  Good fortune in your betting ventures and we shall see you later today here at HRWager.


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