NFL Draft : Winners and Losers for Round One

First round of the NFL Draft is in our rearview mirror here at HRWager.  San Diego controlled the fates of many with their selection in the #3 slot.  What did they do that shook things up for most of the other teams?  From that surprise pick, how did the rest of the field measure up?  Today at the HRW, we will examine so of the winners and losers from Thursday’s first day of the draft.

NFL Draft : Programs That Produced Them

NFL Draft Day One

Two elite college programs were all the talk of the first round.  One by their five first round selections and the other for the extreme drop off from prior years.  The Ohio State University shone proud with five selections on Thursday.  They surprised most of the pundits with Bosa and Elliott going as high as they did.  This allows Urban Meyer to recruit even better  As for the loser of the first day it had to be Alabama.  Only one first round pick when they were projected to probably get four of them.  This day was one of the main reasons to go play for the Tide.  Saban will always get good players but a couple more drafts like this and it will not be assumed to be the premier destination for high school graduates.

Mixed Bag for Niners

Kudos to them for getting it right with DeForest Buckner.  After that, the trade to get Joshua Garnett was not that smart.  Moved up in the draft and into the first round for a player that probably would have been there in the second round for them.  Couple that with the Broncos getting their man at Qb and now their chief suitor for Colin is gone.  Other than the slam dunk, the Niners looked like they bricked out from the field with their other results.

Proof that the NFL is king in most of America.  Two more days of draft coverage and that on television.  Debate going on for the entire weekend.  This is what makes football special.  Check in with HRWager all weekend long as we continue the grading process of the 2016 NFL Draft.


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