NFL Free Pick Jets and Patriots


This is the line meant to punish the public.  Finally, the books posted a line that Green Bay could not cover so the masses go to their old standby this week to recoup losses.  HRWager is here to give you our Free Pick as the Jets travel to Foxboro to get the Pats this Sunday.  Which way will the wind blow to propel us to profit in this one?

All You Can Eat

Jets at Pats Free Pick

Brady has faced the league’s top defense six times at this juncture or later in the NFL season.  Tom has been terrific in going 6-0.  He has thrown perhaps a tad more interceptions at five than his normal clip but that is still offset by his thirteen touchdowns.  Now the Jets are the same old but oddly newly infused defense against him.  It used to be Rex’s dream to stiffle Brady and win 10-9.  Now Todd Bowles has to come up with a game plan that while is dependent on restraining the Pats can still score enough to beat them.  Holding them to a moral victory is getting old to the fans of the Jets.

Revolving Around Reevis

That brief stint of defection to New England will serve the shut down Reevis well.  Not only can he rely on his talent but can share the wealth of experience of having recently played in the Pats system.  So we have an offense that might throw itself off by avoiding too much of what he might know.  This seems to be the only way to derail New England is to get them to do it themselves.

So there is many reasons why the smart money is on the Jets +9!  Chris Ivory is on an absolute monster streak for the Jets right now.  Brandon Marshall provides enough of a distraction to get the vertical game going.  The physical nature of this defense might slow Gronk.  Not enough to beat the Pats at home but the NY Jets will cover the +9 in this gone.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.

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