NFL Free Pick : Lesser Lights Illuminate us for Profit 10/18

Our NFL Free Pick has one stark fact in common.  Both teams have been used as cannon fodder by the Arizona Cardinals.  While the world was not expected by either the Bears (2-3) or the Lions (0-5), neither thought the season would be this bad.  Now these two meet in a game that will be on the lower list of those set for national broadcast.  Even though the media appeal might be limited, the Free Pick is so strong that we are attracted to this flame that will warm up our bankrolls.  So sit back while HRWager sees which way to troll for profit this Sunday the 18th.

NFL Free Pick

NFL Free Pick : Bears on the Mend

After going 0-3, Chicago has taken a stand and rallied for two straight wins.  If Cutler eliminates his interceptions then this Bears team is at least an average team.  Since his hammy is on the mend, he has four touchdowns with just one pick.  This despite the fact that his options are limited due to injuries.  Detroit’s defense was almost back with an impressive performance in Seattle.  Since then, Carson Palmer played with them last week.  Now the Lions do not have the pass rush necessary to pressure Jay.

Almost Gone

With Schwartz as his coach, Matthew Stafford almost had the world on a string.  He put up big numbers and stay healthy.  This new regime has seen him regress over the last two years.  Matt used to be able to overcome shoddy footwork by having a running game and good receivers.  Now he has no offensive line which yields him little in the running attack.  When the pocket is in doubt, the ball sails on him.  Worse yet, the teams do not even make a pretense at defending the rush.  These factors gave birth to the bunches of interceptions he has let loose.  Chicago is up and down in their pass rush but when you face a one dimensional threat even the average can excel.

Home town team gets the -3 in this game.  0-16 is doable as the Lions have proved before.  If the Bears season was near over then this might be the game.  Alas Chicago has momentum in this one.  Lions take the week off to lick their wounds over the Arizona drubbing.  Go with Chicago +3 in your NFL bargain of the day.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWage.

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