NFL Free Pick : October Opener Baltimore at Pittsburgh 10/1

HRwagers NFL Free pick for 10/1 continues on a very profitable theme the ended Sunday.  The betting public embraced the theory of fading teams with substitute quarterbacks starting.  Atlanta crushed the Cowboys in the second half while Seattle shut out Chicago.  Now a similar situation is unfolding in Pittsburgh.  On a short work week, we will look at the practical chances of an 0-3 Ravens team covering a two and a half point spread being the road favorite?

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NFL Free Pick 10/1

Will Michael Vick be given the green light considering how soft the Ravens have been against the pass?  Andy Dalton and even Carr of Oakland has torched this team.  Suggs is out and gives them little to no credible pass rush.  Now we get to evaluate how much Michael Vick  has left in the tank and on his arm.  The mitigating factor is how LeVeon Bell came right back after his time off.  Over 150 yards from scrimmage plus his ability to catch the short ball might have the Steelers reign in their own offense.  Antonio Brown should have a field day with open patterns if the ball is thrown to him.


Two factors could propel the Ravens on the road.  First is that even with all this weaponry, Pittsburgh only got twelve points last week.  Their odd fascination with the two point conversion could have put them behind the eight ball.  The other element that bridges the gap between the two is the turnover potential that Michael Vick has when he gets creative.  He has never really mastered the role of game manager that he will probably be ask to implement on Thursday.

Joe Flacco will continue to implement Steve Smith on the offensive side of things.  Pittsburgh does not even have the level of short run defense that the Bengals have.  In short, the Ravens offense will see their potential filled in this.  Look for a ML road win and cover by the favorite Ravens on Thursday.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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