NFL Free Pick : Opener is Here Pitt @ Pats

Although we have had NFL Free Picks for the preseason, this pick is to coincide the opening of the 2015 season.  Steelers @ Patriots would be an attractive matchup on any given Sunday but put it on the opening slate for Thursday and the world will tune in.  How the tables have turned with the Steelers and not the Pats getting key injuries and suspensions for this one!  Which way should you invest in this one is coming right up at HRWager.

On an Island


Not that Reevis was at his peak but at least he was still very capable of above average coverage.  Now the Achilles Heel for the Patriots has an excellent chance of being exposed.  Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler have to combine with the rest of the secondary to thwart Antonio Brown.  This is how Pittssburgh will paste points on the Patriots.  Remember that this night went from retribution to celebration in a heartbeat with the lifting of the Brady suspension.  The us against the world mentality goes out the window when raising the banner from last year.

September Celebrations?!

Remember that both of these teams have reasons to rest on their laurels.  Ben also got his contract that he was playing for last year.  Fat and happy both of these teams are on offense.  The one unit that will come out with something to prove is the Steeler defense.  A staple for many years, they had to endure the home town whispers that Pittsburgh’s key weakness was them.  Look  for them to be flying around the field early against a rusty Brady.

There are reasons why this line has not gotten out of hand and is stable at Patriots -7.  This number is solid even after figuring in the home town bias and the money flowing in.  The actual perception is that the Steelers are much stronger than this disrespectful line is giving them.  HRWager encourages you to take the Steelers +7 this evening.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW.


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