NFL Free Pick : Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1/3

Finally our NFL Free Pick’s get to factor in potential bad weather.  Unseasonable weather has been circulating around most of the United States.  Winter has not had its customary bite but may now as 2016 is upon us.  We take our attention north as the Steelers have to win and pray to get into the AFC wild card slot.  Meanwhile, the Browns has one final audition not only for Johnny but their head coach.  Do their team mates show up one last time or has 2016 seen them dreaming of the golf courses already?

Browns State of Mind

NFL Free Pick

Cold but not frigid will be Cleveland for their last regular season game.  Low thirties with near 20 percent chance of rain/sleet at game time.  Kicking will be a little haphazard but the rest of the field should be in good shape.  How much of a mess is this franchise?  NBCsports and other outlets are examining the “timing” of Manziel’s self reported concussion.  Another party video surfaced with comments from the organization saying they will address it this week.  In walks Johnny complaining of symptoms that are akin to a concussion.  With all the controversy around head injuries, it would be bad form for the orgainization to do anything but take him out of the lineup to end 2015.  Another reboot is in store with Cleveland player’s other than QB Austin Davis not really giving a good effort.

Choke Job

Two things cost the Steelers at the Ravens.  Their defense is their weakness.  That coupled with Harbaugh getting his squad way up for that game resulted in Pitt’s demise.  This week they do not have to worry about it.  Yes, the Steelers are a hated rival but its the last game.  Browns have little professional pride at this point and want their coach gone.  Steelers have to adopt a score all the time mindset so do not look for them to take the petal off the floor in this one.

Opened at -10 for the Steelers and the line is bouncing up a little.  This is either a pass or the Steelers.  Situation is too good for a blowout.  Weather will not be offensively limiting.  HRWager’s NFL Free Pick for 1/2 is Pitt minus the points.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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