NFL Futures : Season Win Forecast for Tampa Bay

NFL Futures are both fun to break down and profitable in the end.  What people do not realize is that local information often trumps the impersonal and mathematical way the linesmakers conjure their numbers.  Today we put a flier out to a loyal HRWager client in South Florida.  He has given us the skinny on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  With the season win total forecast at six games, he lays it on the line telling us which way is probably the winning wager.  Here at the key games that influenced his decision.

NFL Futures : Crossroads

  • Week Four.  Carolina will be the second division rival they will have faced.  After playing the Saints and Houston on the road, will they have enough in the tank to take this one.  Even though the Panthers led the division last year, both combined games were won by Carolina by a combined eight points.
  • The Eli of the Storm – Key game and one that will see quite a push by the Bucs here.  With a murderer’s row of the Eagles, Dallas, and Indy, this game takes on more importance.  All games are supposed to count equally but this will be the feather in their cap when they win this one.
  • Prime Time. Way down the list is this game against the Ram.  St. Louis will be at home this time around and will be primed to return the favor to the Bucs.  An ugly 19-17 win will have the Rams way up for this one whether or not they are still relevant for the playoffs.

 Make or Break Time

Two of the three key games in their gauntlet go their way according to our local source.  With the Titans, Bears, and Jags all playing at Tampa this rookie lead team has value on the over.  Enough improvement and catching the Tians right off the bat builds the momentum for this rookie.

Prognosis :  Over six games for the Tampa Bay Bucs

NFL Futures


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