NFL Money Maker : Seattle at Dallas 11/1

Each week we at HRWager ask what might have been for the Dallas Cowboys.  Both the spirit and the heart of their team went down in near succession to injuries.  Without Romo, they are slated to lose their fifth straight game.  The Cowboys (2-4) are a 5 1/2 point home underdog against a defensively struggling Seahawks (3-4) team.  Does Dallas have enough firepower to exploit the vulnerable Seattle defense?

Leads Blown


Two large leads lost to teams that have potent but varying offensive approaches.  Cincinnati lit them up through the air while the Panthers tenderized them on the ground.  Chemistry could be on the way out for Pete’s team as some players have gotten paid while others that sought contract increases have been rebuffed.  Also this far into the coach’s tenure, is the message getting lost?  Strong personalities are tolerated when there are winning ways but now the possibility of them not winning the NFC West is very real.  Alas with ten days of rest, if Seattle is ever going to resolve all these issues, it will be now.

Salient Points to Ponder

  1. Russell Wilson’s protection will be improved by the presence of a healthy Marshawn Lynch.  Look for the offensive line to yield a lot less than their league leading 31 sacks here.
  2. Does Dez Bryant help Cassel’s reads?  Dallas had a winnable game against the Giants if not for three picks by Matt.  The open field that Dez creates should help prevent the poaching by the backfield that equated to two of the picks last time out for Dallas.

With these two points in tow, a dead on spread for this one leads us to totals.  41 points is not sufficient for this one.  Offensively it will get out of hand by the Seahawks.  With a full compliment of players, this is the game where they display that Seattle is not in full free fall.  Go with the over for your full profit potential in this game.


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