NFL News and Free Pick for 9/16

HRWager has little reservation in declaring the Giants to be a valuable fade this season.  Change needs to be made but past success will prevent the necessary moves to be done.  Catch this and our rapid fire points in your NFL update for 9/16.


NFL News 9/16

One of the more illuminating moments of last week got a player into hot water.  So much so, that he felt compelled to hand write apologies to his quarterback and coach.  Botching the game at the very end, the Giants decided to dicker with the clock instead of scoring right away.  It famously imploded allowing the Cowboys to only need to score once which they did to take the season opener away from New York.  While this is somewhere between “Hey it’s was not me!” to throwing his quarterback under the bus, this illustrates the atmosphere surrounding the Giants.  That his apology made it to the media instead of just staying in house goes to show that NYG are on the way to implosion like the Angels of Major League Baseball.

Rapid Fire for 9/16

Headline seeking or a legitimate offensive set.  This is the question running through most of our minds with their four tight end set and the problems it could give defenses.  Baltimore seems to be in a state of denial asserting that their pass rush should be near the same level after losing Terrell Suggs.  Most all of the focus has shifted to the Titan at the Browns.  Tenn started as a road dog that has transformed into a one point favorite. Marcus has shown that he is already more proficient than the Browns quarterbacks.  Look at how he does the play action moves and you will be sold on the Titans for your wagering action this weekend.

So this is where we stand.  Hop on the Titans bandwagon right now.  We will have our preview for this game later in the week but the line is getting out of control.  Lock up your bet here at HRWager before everyone else does.  Remember to invest on the Titans right now.  Good fortune in this an all of your wagering action here at your home, HRWager.


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