NFL News and Rumors for September 5th

NFL News and rumors from HRWager first and foremost has to deal with two stories of healing.  One has to do with a champion that can finally inflate their hopes for the upcoming season.  Another has a quarterback that was sent out as a ritual sacrifice during the preseason.  Now watch what behavior is inflicted to this former Baylor Bear.  All of this and more comes to you now from your favored NFL out, HRWager.

NFL News : Win total Spikes Upward

Brady has won his appeal after a judge intervened.  Immediately an adjustment was seen in the season win totals future of the Patriots.  One of the recommendations that we made during the last month has slipped.  Buffalo is now nowhere near the certain winner they were projected to be against a Brady-less  Patriots.  Ever the sportsman, Tom said the right things about this not being good for the league.

RGIII Entrenched


What a web was weaved in Washington.  Gruden sets up RGIII to get destroyed on the field.  After conflicting  medical reports come out, no one knows what the next move would be.  Until they asked the King.  Owner Daniel Snyder is the end all in this conjecture.  He has made it so that Griffin made the final cut.  This forces Gruden to make him the back up quarterback.  What must be going through the mind of the former Raider coach that left the broadcasting booth for this.

Finally, Tim Tebow got to stretch out and play in the sun.  He could not make the last cut for the Eagles but we suspect that even he knew he was not going to make that offense.  Too much vertical space to avail with a pass limited arm of his.  So now that the silliness has left the league, we can go on to the serious business of NFL handicapping.

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