NFL News : Anything for RGIII

HRWager’s NFL News looks not at where Robert Griffin III will go but for what amount.  A player who used to be valued at a king’s ransom coming out of Baylor is now a mere pauper in trade bait.  Washington has put it out there that they would take “anything” for him.  Let us examine what this really means and if the Redskins can get one iota of value before RGIII goes out of town.

NFL News : Still a Future

This is not the burial for the once star quarterback.  For a bargain price, some teams will take a flier on him.  This is what Redskins President Bruce Allen thinks.  While no one is willing to pick up the $14 million dollar price for him riding the bench, it does not mean he is destined for the scrap heap.  Washington has heard from a few interested teams.  This sentiment of anything was put out there to display they are motivated sellers and want to put this issue to bed once and for all.

Teams Know This

NFL News

Alas, even a lowly seventh round pick is not going to be sent Washington’s way.  The clock has started with a March 9th deadline before they end up having to pay him.  Frugal are GM’s around the league.  Even though their is interest, the prudent course of action is to let him get cut and take your chances.  Teams can get him for a much lower cost.  There is little upside in giving the Redskins one scrap at this point.



Shame because RGIII is at least a professional.  Not many off the field flaps.  Just that his body breaks down because of the style he plays.  There are plenty of good guys in the NFL but it does not pay for GMs to be nice in return.  Thank you for tuning into HRWager’s NFL Update and we will cover the pertinent angles from now to kick off of the next season.


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