NFL News : Browns did Johnny No favor!

HRWager goes into Week Seven trying to take the pulse of the public. Two high profile fan theories are being brandied about early this week. Would have Johnny done what he did if he had tasks to keep him focused? What statistical oddity might not happen once but twice going into the Super Bowl this year. Join us for this discussion as we ramp up the coverage for Week Seven in the NFL

Browns Must Share Responsibility

NFL News

The decision to go back to Josh McCown has not gone well in many directions. Johnny had just gotten off of his only highlight game as a pro and the coach decided to bench him. Judgment from on high said that this was for the best shot at them winning right now. Well any coach of the Browns feels that way as his short term future has been put ahead of the health of the franchise. They are 2-4 and a long way back for even a wild card yet alone catching the undefeated Bengals. Now with a forlorn and perhaps bored Manziel, Johnny does what is natural when not working hard. Fast cars, an argument, and zooming across lanes of traffic would not normally be a setback for a pro. However in the long troubled history of the Heisman Winner, it is definitely a setback. Had the coach put aside his survival instincts, a focused Manziel had a much less likely hood of reverting back to form. The Browns must share responsibility for this by their short sighted plans.

Superbowl with Two Undefeated Teams?

Internet banter can get out of hand as witnessed by the growing movement and speculation that we could see a pair of unbeaten teams duke it out in the Super Bowl this year. Five teams are undefeated after six weeks with at least a pair being from the same conference. The Pats have done it before and are on the top of the list to possibly do it again. Green Bay has the blessing in the NFC over Atlanta with forumville. Carolina escape after the Legion of Boom went bust in their late game coverage. Denver always seems to underwhelm when the weather gets below thirty degrees. Finally, the Bengals have yet to play a team with a winning record to test their valor against. Pleasant and a fun discussion but even one team to remain unscathed would be a long shot to behold come playoff time.

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