NFL News for 9/8 : Snapback on Pats

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HRWager NFL News is going to cover some of the snapback that the Patriots have been receiving since Tom Brady was let off the hook by a judge.  Obviously more than just a few moments in the sun, major media outlets and even other franchises are now opening up on how crooked they feel that New England is.  Read on about some of the more high profile cases and how it might effect them for the 2015 season.

NFL News Two Super Bowls

Out of the ESPN investigative report came at least two instances where the Patriots were thought to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.  The Rams ascertain that several employees of New England hung around way too long and learned vital facts like Marshall Faulk was going to return punts.  The Panthers expressed it well saying that they felt that NE was in the huddle with them.  So much so that Carolina scrapped any aspects of their attacks and implemented wholesale changes at half.  These Spygate episodes were thought to be just the tip and not the crux of the angel shooting that this franchise did.  That is why we saw the following.


To go after the defending Super Bowl champ with their golden boy quarterback is virtually unheard of.  Deflategate might have been minor in itself but Goodell used it as the gauntlet announcing the the Pats that nothing like this will be tolerated again.  Wrong timing as the evidence in this was not as damning as probably other cases.  In the end, the judge over turned this verdict but the league office has not forgotten it.

Right now there is a very popular conspiracy theory going around the Internet.  In essence, it says that even though you are allowed to play that the ball games with New England are going to be reffed in a certain way.  With so much grey area in any implementation of fouls or infractions during the play in professional leagues, a lot of latitude can be given or taken away.  Look for the bounces to not go there way starting in the opener according to the tin foil hat brigade.


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