NFL News : Less than 50 Days Left Until Kickoff

HRWager and their clients are celebrating the fact that in less than fifty days, the NFL regular season will kick off.  To celebrate this fact, the HRW blog will begin to go into high gear with our football coverage.  Team previews, season win projections, and key player movements are just the tip of the iceberg in our coverage.  With friends like NFL Schedule Week One and The Gambling Forum, there will be ample information from numerous vantage points.  Without any further ado, let us start our NFL coverage here at HRWager.


NFL News : Big on Bradford?!

NFL News 7/23

How will the Eagles fare with a quarterback that has only been healthy two years out of his five being a pro?  In the last two seasons, he has made it on the field for only seven games.  More of a concern is that there is not a concentration to one part of the body where his injuries have been inflicted.  Ankle, knee (twice), and shoulder speaks more of frailty than on unfortunate circumstance.  When he has been healthy, he could sling it in St. Louis despite little weapons at wideout.  This is an ultimate validation of Chip Kelly’s sport science program with the Eagles.  Even though his defenses have been gassed in the past, if he can get a third quarterback to produce and stay healthy then his philosophy will have a permanent place in the NFL.  This HRWager author is of the opinion that the running back position will come back into prominence and with the Eagles getting DeMarco that this will be the reason for the Eagles’ success this season.

Cheap Titans Will Stumble in Week One

One minor condition in contract language caused the Titans to miss out on developing Mariota until now.  Marcus finally got to ink a contract and get into training camp.  Work with the pads on provides him the next level for his initiation into the league.  While we think that he will do better than Winston, right out of the gate he is behind the overall #1 pick because of this contract squabble.  He was in the right for standing his ground.  By the Titans going cheap, we have an easy fade for week one of the NFL Schedule.

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