NFL News : Miller Wants Manziel on Champion Broncos

NFL News 4/10

Brock bolting the Broncos have lead to fanciful speculation in NFL News about who will be the signal caller of the defending champions.  While a lot of focus was on Colin Kaepernick of the Niners, now other candidates are starting to crop up.  Some make sense while others seem to be meanderings of any old theory.  The shocker that came out this weekend was that Von Miller stumped for Johnny Manziel to be signed by Denver!

 NFL News : Miller’s Man

Stay true to your school is that old time saying that got some hashtag type this week.  Both Miller and the former Heisman Winner both played for the Aggies.  Von told reporters on Friday that if he had his way, Johnny would already be on the team. He slightly hedged off this stance by saying that the front office made decisions that won us a championship so they know best.

Multiple Sources

What gave this little quote fuel was the previous rumor that was circulating.  Two sources indicated that the head coach of the Broncos was in direct contact with Manziel recently.  Seeing how he would or would not fit is very contingent on both how his personal development goes as well as how hard the hammer might come down on him from the league office.  Miller reiterated that people wrote himself of two years ago and now look at where he is at.

Panic is still present in the Mile High City.  Mark Sanchez is the man for the Broncos if the season started today.  That is more than a cold splash of water on the hopes of next season for Denver fans.  Front office still will not admit that they made a mistake going cheap with Brock.  HRWager will continue to monitor this situation and all the other notables in the offseason with the HRW NFL News.  Good fortune with you sports investments and we will see you Monday here at HRWager.


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