NFL News : Osweiler to Start Against Bengals

NFL News from HRWager is anxiously awaiting the customer opinion on the latest NFL news.  With the Broncos not out of the woods yet with playoff positioning, leadership has decided to stay the course.  This means that Peyton will ride the pine for their game against the Bengals.  HRWager will look at what this means and the direction for the spread that this announcement might cause.

Not Even In Yet


Thanks to a run by the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos are far from cinching the AFC West.  Not only that but they need a win this weekend to clinch a wild card spot.  With all of this in the balance, Brock Osweiler will be the man to lead them this week.  Right now the Monday Night Football game still has Denver as a – 3 1/2 point favorite at home against the Bengals.

Key is Defense

Bengals have made a living and the next level jump due to their defense.  Denver has been good at stopping people but have not come close to their potential in this regard.  Can they produce enough pressure to rattle AJ’s cage?  The former Alabama quarterback is not used to the crowd noise nor the altitude factors that come into play in the Mile High City.  So while the Osweiler nod was a little eyebrow raising, it is not the main factor for handicapping this game.

While Monday Night Football games get a lionshare of wagering, this nugget of news should give a slight pull towards Denver.  People are still too leary of a late season Manning in cold weather.  Couple that with Kubiak’s better play calling for his style of QB and the predicted flow of funds will go more Denver’s way.  Stay tuned to more NFL News from HRWager and have a great holiday week.



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