NFL News : Osweiler to Start Against Pittsburgh 12/20

Good morning HRWager clients, customers, and friends.  We have NFL News that might be pivotal to your wagering outlook for the NFL week ahead.  Denver was going full bore with Brock Osweiler as quarterback until last week.  Mack sacked him five times as the Broncos lost a chance to grasp the #1 seed in the AFC.  Now with Peyton’s foot recovered, the head coach goes to his Monday morning press conference.  Find out what happened and the news that came later out of Denver here at HRWager.

Atypically Silent

NFL News

For for weeks, Gary Kubiak strode up to the podium and let the world know that Brock would be starting.  This time came no ringing endorsement and a slight awkward silence.  Some worry came from the Oakland loss but the QB was hardly to blame.  The offensive line was a sieve.  WR’s dropped key balls that hit them in the numbers.  Then the word came from Channel 9 News in Denver that Brock will start.

Pittsburgh Line

– 6 1/2 went to – 5 1/2 on the home town Steelers but this was before the news was cast.  Neither QB option gives Denver a great deal of vertical passing. Two tangible advantages are with him starting.  Fewer interceptions and faster on his feet.  Those coupled with the 40 degree estimated kickoff weather at 4PM gives Denver the best chance to pull the road upset.

With Pittsburgh having no force like Mack, the Denver offense will be back on track.  Oakland is almost as potent as the Steelers and they could not move the ball well.  Consider this NFL news and then look for Denver for your sports investment needs.  Pluck them at + 5 1/2 as the spread should dip some more before game time.  Good fortune and we will see you later in the day at the HRW.


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