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Here is the key for Game Three of the Eagles preseason.  They play the Packers so instantly look at the over.  Why is that?  The Ravens game presented us the solution.  If you are not going to play the Eagles during the regular season, why devote any extra energy in trying to crack all their gimmicks.  Instead, the starters will just try to crush the quarterback like Suggs did.  The rest of the time, the defensive coordinator will see how his talent will perform left on islands against the Eagle’s offense.  He wants to see who breaks and how they do so.  For Green Bay, the same thing.  Established teams do not care about looking good during this practice run.  Always look at the over for this style of team against potent offensive schemes.

Into the Teeth with the Titans

While no real betting angle can be derived of this tonight, the Titans expect Mariota to face a ton of blitz packages.  No one wants to put him in the target scopes on the offense, the coaching staff wants to see how he can troubleshoot at NFL speed type defenses.  Look for play changes and a lot of quick passes.  If anything, the over for the first quarter might be in play due to the increased number of plays going to be ran between them and St. Louis on 8/23.

Finally the cat might be out of the bag with Gary Kubiak fessing up to something.  Recently he has indicated that he is not pleased with how the Bronco’s are handling small yardage situations.  This is from the offensive side of the ball.  If Peyton’s rubber arm can not produce quality short passes the this team is in trouble.  They have no real vertical options.  Look for a sharp increase in their running game as they hammer out their offense.  Examine the week one total and be prepared to focus on the under if this holds to form in week three.  Good fortune to our loyal customers and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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