NFL News : When It is Not Your Fault : Romo Hurt

Our NFL News and recap here at HRWager for Week Two deals with many fronts.  First off, what to do when the whole league goes upside down for one week.  Not just one but many football ML upsets of titanic proportion.  Next for discussion is the possibility that Dallas is just snakebit this season as Tony Romo goes down with a serious injury.  What is it and how long will he be out?  All of this and more for you right now courtesy of HRWager.

NFL News : NFC East in Flux


Broken left collarbone is the prognosis on why Tony Romo had to leave the game.  2-0 and riding high in the NFC East despite Dez Bryant’s return being downgraded to ten weeks.  Cornerback Orlando Scandrick got derailed by a knee for the whole season.  Other Cowboys are suspended for two more games but the Romo injury trumps them all.  Probably this injury puts him on injured reserve ready to return list which keeps him out for eight weeks.  However with the rest of the division floundering, this was suppose to be a cakewalk of a season to the NFC East crown.  Alas this is one situation that the Cowboys did not create and we at HRWager feel for their loss as America’s Most Miserable 2-0 team awaits more medical tests.

Ohio State was the Harbinger

Buckeye nation saw a lot of miscues even from Urban in holding off Northern Illinois 20-13.  That with the Nebraska comeback to overtime and we thought the damage would be limited to the Big Ten.  Alas, Alabama went down to visiting Ole Miss and allowed over forty points in the process  Over twenty point dogs were doing amazing things covering at will on Saturday.  For those that thought the sunrise would disperse the carnage, they were wrong.  New Orleans losing started the string of upsets and Survivor pool ejections.  Baltimore soon followed.  Jacksonville cae through as well as Washington.  By the end, only a elect few like Green Bay and New England made it through.

Where do we stand as of now?  MNF brings us a game Jets squad visiting Indy.  A seven point spread is that number that has many nervous.  No worries as HRWager will soon have their MNF Free Pick out.  Stay tuned to the blog as it will roll out in mere hours.



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