NFL Odds : Sunday Night Football NYG at Dallas

NFL Odds will take a look at the desesrt course here at HRWager tonight.  We have the New York Giants at the Dallas Cowboys.  One key item to look for in capping the Giants is there injury line.  Metrics abound that describe how NY has lost more man games to injury than any other team in the league.  Besides the firework prone Pierre-Paul, how are the Giants doing on that frot?  Join us at HRWager as week peek in and pronounce our NFL Free Pick to end your NFL Sunday with.

NFL Odds : Headache for Romo

NFL Odds

As the season wore on, the shoulders of Atlas held a much lighter load.  The world saw what the Cowboys could do with a potent rushing attack to go with Tony Romo.  Unfortunately, ownership got it in there head to try and go cheap with DeMarco Murray.  Sad for them that he bolted to the Eagles.  Now a committee style rushing game is what Romo has to tinker with.  If the Giants can produce any type of rush, those old Romo turnovers will pop up.  Even with a great offensive line, Tony might already have it in is head to not trust the rushing atttack today.

But These are the Giants

They are somewhat healthy compared to the status of the New York franchise the last two years.  What gets them in trouble are all the turnovers they conjure up by themselves on offense. 28 last year with many being of the non pressured variety.  With Eli not even having to play with a contract, this stale offense is not going to produce much in Big D tonight.

The spread has grown from the initial release of -5 to – 6 1/2 for the Cowboys.  This is about a positive expectation play and not being ruled by fear.  Too many receiving threats exist for an overloaded Giants team to handle.  Look for the passing game to grant jailbreak rushing chances for the nameless hordes like Randle that the Cowboys are going to throw at the visitors.  The HRWager Free Pick for Sunday Night is Dallas – 6 1/2.  Good fortune in this and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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