NFL Quick Tips for Sunday 12 27

Sometimes just a nudge one way or the other could tip a seemingly even scale to clearly demonstrate value where none could be seen before.  This late in the NFL regular season, two factors rise to the front of the line for the NFL handicapper.  The first is the quit factor as in what veteran teams are just trying not to get hurt to make it to their golfing games.  Secondly is that among the teams that care, metrics catapult in importance.  So let us peek at some games this weekend and see where the value is here at HRWager.

Value in Fading Cleveland

More of a blowout than in Seattle awaits the Browns.  DVOA is the hottest metric right now.  This is defensive value over average. Seattle is up near the top with the Chiefs right behind them.  The Browns are 30th in this category.  With KC at home and winners of eight straight, this game should have an equal spread to the Seahawks but it does not.  -10 1/2 it is down to for the hometown Chiefs and is easily coverable.

Detroit at Home


Lions are one hail mary from almost salvaging their season.  Now it is time to audition for their jobs while the visiting Niners are in shutdown mode.  Caldwell is probably gone and Stafford as the franchise quarterback is now dubious.  He can not afford one phone it in game.  It is about keeping your big contract and getting the next one.  This is your runaway line that saw a -7 on the Lions go to double digits.  Still room to ride this train as the Lions clean the clocks of San Fran this weekend.

There you have it.  Cleveland and San Fran are that awful.  Both are without clear direction from the quarterback down.  Meanwhile their opponents are on rolls and still have lots to prove in the remainder of 2015.  Get this sports investment value right now at HRWager. Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.

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