NFL Wagering Alert : Carolina Opens -3 Against Arizona

Carolina cruised to a 31 point lead at half and coasted to a 31-24 in against the Seattle Seahawks.  So with the #1 seed winning, they get the right to host the Arizona Cardinals on 1/24 for the NFC Championship Game.  Vegas and Offshore opened up the bidding with the home team Panthers giving three points to the Cards.  Let us at HRWager give you a quick hitter on where we think the line will go after this.

Despite Themselves

Carolina NFC Championship

In the waning moments, not only did the Packers convert a 4th and forever but topped that with a game tying Hail Mary to allow Green Bay to tie the game.  A fortunate coin reflip gave them the ball.  Larry Fitzgerald took over the ran the ball in to get the Cardinals to this stage.  Carson Palmer won the game despite his penchant for throwing ill timed passes with a few bad interceptions.  So with all the factors going for them, they barely got by a winded Packers team.




Disinterest dominated the game and allowed a lot of the futile Seattle comeback.  It looked worse than it actually was.  With the ability to rip out to such a good start, the westward travelling Cardinals are in peril of getting blown out in this one.

Line forecast is to see this go near the -5 range.  Good fortune in your sports speculation and we will have our NFC Championship preview later this week here at the HRW.


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