NFL Wagering : Oakland on the Upswing for Us

HRWager’s NFL Wagering division is high on the immediate prospects of the Oakland Raiders (2-3).  Even though they have shown the same signs of regression, not all of their games will end in collapse like they did in Chicago.  Before all of us is a blueprint on how to improve their team.  These are actions they are undergoing right now  Give two weeks for them to cement and watch the Raiders take off to an 8-8 or better record to end the 2015 season.

NFL Wagering

NFL Wagering on Oakland

First off, we expect to see an immediate improvement in a pedestrian pass rush.  This team ranks 21st in the league with ten sacks.  This was supposed to be the foundation of the improving Oakland defense  When you have Mack and Aldon Smith, the number should be higher.  Good news for the Raiders is that the Chargers let in a ton of sacks.  Momentum will be built on this.  Look for the blitzing to increase in the San Diego game with good results.

Will Not Cure Secondary Woes

The pass rush with an increase in blitzing is double edged.  Secondary strength was projected to be lacking and it was not a disappointment.  The almost 300 yards per game is the second worst in the NFL.  When Cutler hangs you out to dry, changes must be made.  For the good news, improvements have been made.  The Blitzing will do more good than harm.  Defense schemes that are more based on personnel instead of the situation will also bolster the ranks.  No one expects a top ten defense but just improve to plug the massive leaks that can occur.

Finally, look for Oakland to spell Murray’s massive rushing attempts.  He has so many more than the other backs that it tires him out.  Attrition was the problem in the two turnovers he coughed up against the Bears.  Decreasing his carries by 10 to 15 percent will result in a massive upgrade in their running game.  This is what they have devoted themselves to.  HRWager sport’s investors should do the same.  We encourage you getting on the profit train right now and betting +4 on the Raiders against the home Chargers for the 4PM game of the week



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