NFL Wagering Review : Week Four Vulnerabilities

Both sides had a mix of good and bad in the NFL Wagering Review for Week Four.  A past moneymaking machine roared in strong again.  Alas could it counter the surprise upset of a divisional leader plus an over rated NFC East team.  All of this and more to review so that we can bolt from the gate when our we want to wager on the week ahead.


NFL Wagering Review : Fulcrum in the Desert

Not only did the desert provide a hospitable atmosphere but it allowed the St. Louis Rams to escape not only with an ATS in their pocket but a straight up victory.  This tore through bankrolls like no other NFL game on Sunday.  Washington winning at home was another spread and ML boon for us here at HRWager.

Clients Get Some Back

Everyone that clicked on password confirm for the Jags were rewarded as the Colts limped to a victory but did not cover the heavy spread action on Jacksonville.  Likewise with the Packers.  Who would have thought that restraining Rogers for 17 points would still allow GB to cover a touchdown spread against the 49’ers.  This got the public almost back to even going into the Sunday Night affair.

Totals were leaning on the high side for the Cowboys at the Saints.  With the under crawling in, we were slight winners for Week Four but nothing compared to the blood letting that the public gave us in Week Three.  Still time to catch up with the Lions at the Seahawks in Monday Night Football.  The backdoor cover percentages are very great with the Lions near the ten point mark.  We advise to take the points plus the Lions.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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