NFL Wagering Tip for NE and the Texans

NFL wagering folks have to be on the lookout for when the landscape changes.  Tune out for a couple of weeks and come ill prepared for what meets you at the tv.  Take for example this Sunday Night Football game.  Who would have thought in November that the Patriots would only be a – 3 1/2 point favorite at Houston?  Momentum and a couple weeks of mayhem and here we are.  So sit back and let HRWager guide you to profit during this suddenly meaningful Sunday Night Football Game.

NFL Wagering : NE @ Houston 12 13

nfl wagering 12 13

Where to begin?  JJ Watts lit a fire under the defense of the Houston Texans with his criticism of the team.  Since week 8, they have allowed the fewest points in the league.  Only a Buffalo team that manhandled them caused the Texans to lose as of late.  However, the one thing that the Patriots will focus on is also the weakness of this vaunted defense.  Teams can reasonably expect to rush on the Texans.  Buffalo did it and right at JJ.  18th in the league on the ground against yards has this proposition somewhat iffy for Houston.

Gronk Expected

Gronk gets hurt and the Patriots lose two games.  It was a little bit more than that but NE really needs him in the lineup.  Good news, he boarded the plane with the team and is headed down there.  This happened and no reaction from the line what so ever.  Still at – 3 1/2.  The Patriots will have the luxury of seeing their offensive line run block more here.  They do this function decently and with the Texans vulnerable in this aspect, it should allow Tom to use the play action.

Pocket passing will not get it done tonight.  Spread of – 3 1/2 is all about momentum and the lack of NE health.  Avoid the spread and go with the total of 45.  The over should be in play because both teams can exploit the other on defense.  HRWager’s Free Pick of the Day are the Pats – Texans over 45.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.

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