NFL Week Five Review 10/12 : Split Decision

Brand names prevented a burial as the public and the books ended up in a split decision for NFL wagering.  Brand names buttered the bread of the masses.  Afternoon into evening fueled HRWager’s comeback.  The result was a near draw between the two.  We will review what propelled Joe Six Pack and how this trend could continue into next week!

Pound Green Bay and New England


Big quarterbacks that can still sling it on the vertical plane took the action.  Green Bay is still perfect against the spread but they needed the afterburners.  Multiple interceptions by Rogers almost did the spread in for them at Lambeau.  Brady blasted the Cowboys off the field for two of the more straight forward cashes in a while.  It was when when the masses deviated from this equation did HRWager recoup these losses.

Lions 2 : 1 in Action

The flinch factor caused many to go off of the Cardinals this week.  People poured money on Detroit and it did not go well.  Same with the Giants as Kaepernick exploited the injured New York defense to cover but not win.  Finally, people pegged Peyton as laying over this year.  They strolled into the up and coming Raider and did enough to cover the – 4 1/2 points.  Now lets look ahead to see where the value is in Week Six.

Ten is proving to be a tough nut to crack.  This is the ceiling for the San Diego at Green Bay game.  The line went from – 9 1/2 but is standing resolute at ten.  Meanwhile, Indy might prove to be the sparring partner for the Patriots as NE visits them for Sunday Night Football.  Most of the action has been on Brady as the line of -7 is at -7 1/2 to -8 1/2 offshore. Good fortune in betting these brand names and we will have more free picks to plunder later in the week here at HRWager.



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