NFL Week Three Early Line Movement

NFL Week Three

Carson Wentz closed out the MNF on a high note and now HRWager goes to NFL Week Three Early Line Movement to see what is on the horizon for us.  Great to see everyone back again.  Chicago’s running game went nowhere as the Bears offensive line was the worst unit on the field last night. Now with a full slate of games upcoming, we look at some of the numbers the oddsmakers have put up that have been met with decisive wagering.  Let us see whom the early bettors and sharps liked right out of the gate for the NFL next week here at HRWager.

NFL Week Three :  Browns Downgraded

Having to go to your third string quarterback in game three will get your franchise faded.  Cleveland had to go to Miami being a touchdown dog as they had lost RGIII.  When word came out that Josh McCown can not make a go of it because of a bad shoulder then the action was heavy on Miami.  Dolphins facing Cody Kessler is now a ten point home favorite.  Team has to be irate about their performance in New England.  Dolphins showed they can move the ball when the defense does not really care.  With the Browns bordering on tanking another season again, it is no wonder that the love is on Miami for their Sunday 1PM Game.

Other Shifts of Note

Rams road prospects do not bode well as LA + 3 1/2 has gone to + 5 1/2 at one time when they visit Tampa.  Winston has shown that he can score points at home.  Rams will try to keep the pace slow but we understand why the early betting progressed this way.  The one that is a head scratcher is seeing the movement of Arizona at Buffalo go against the Cardinals.  Arizona at the start was -5 1/2 and is now down to -4. Check the live lines section at HRWager to see where it stands right now.  Old school thought that west teams in the early Sunday games rarely do well goes against this elite team.  Cardinals shown that they can blow out teams at will.  Buffalo is about to go into dysfunction with the coach firing people on the offensive side of the staff just two weeks in.  We do not agree with the movement for Buffalo in this one.

So check the live lines section of HRWager and bookmark it in your browser.  Note where the lines are and even if you do not bet that specific game, work out for yourself why the game moved.  By doing this for most of the games in the league, you could become more profitable in NFL Week Three and beyond this season.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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