NFL Week Two : Look Ahead

NFL Week Two

With the first go around in the books, HRWager looks at NFL Week Two for your betting pleasure.  What a wild weekend of football action to recover from here at HRWager.  Quite a lot to digest in the opening stanza.  Caution has to be in the wind as it is easy to get carried away from some impressions that we had from the get go.  So let us see who will return to Earth this week in the NFL at the HRW.

NFL Week Two : Not World Beaters

Playing Cleveland can make anyone look like a Super Bowl Champion.  RGIII is already on injured reserve with a shoulder problem so whoever plays the Browns in the immediate future will be blessed.  Too bad Carson Wentz can not play them every week.  His numbers were astounding considering all that he had working against him.

  1. FCS competition in college.
  2. Bad rib
  3. Lack of time with first string in pre season.

His numbers 22 of 37 with two TD’s should have all of Philadelphia drinking in celebration for a week.  This is part of the reason why they opened at +1 and got instabet against to +3 against the Bears for Monday Night Football.  Smart bet on the Bears for this week.

Overs in Indy but not Away

Great comeback by the Colts from 21-3 down that fell short.  Totals on the Colts in pass friendly atmospheres should be on the over.  Here is where the next week can not help the defensive woes on Indy.  44 1/2 has been nudged to 45 because they have to travel to Denver for the 4PM game.  About the only environment where Andrew Luck cant go crazy in.  Time of possession and ball control by the Broncos limit the attempts by the colts offense.  Come crashing to Earth with team total under for the Colts.

NFL Week Two has many strong plays.  Bears -3 are really strong for Monday Night Football money.  Team total under on Colts to see the prowess of the Bronco defense.  Good fortune in these selections and we shall see you next time here at HRWager.


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