NH Free Pick : Jets at Oilers 2/13

Our NHL Free Pick covers the crestfallen Winnipeg Jets.  Somewhat of a playoff surprise this year, the Jets will not be making the playoffs this season.  To compound their misery, they will probably sell off a few pieces for the trade deadline.  Skating against them are the Oilers who have been on a mini surge since Connor came back from injury.  Not many times we will see the Oilers as a favorite so let us examine where the profit is in our NHL Free Pick for 2/13!


Five Points

Edmonton might be in last place but the electricity in the building is high when Connor McDavid hits the ice.  Two goals and three assists as the Oilers pasted the Leafs 5-2.  This is the x factor that will keep this team from going into collect check mode.  When a talent like this exists, the team becomes much better when they get over the fascination with him.  Even his team mates sit back and watch him steal the show.  Oilers are a favorite because of the energy his presence brings.

24-27-3 With Goalie Problems

Thank goodness that Pavelec is activated from his knee injury.  Replacement rookie goal tender Connor Hellebuyck had been horrid.  He got the hook the last game against Boston.  3 goals on 11 shots in the first period is something that most teams can not recover from.  Pavelec has not played since November, so if it is him or the other goaltender it will not matter.

Fodder is what the Jets netminder will be tonight.  An all out assault by the Oilers as they are expected to exert their will.  Not many times the last place team is a favorite but it is absolutely correct in this case.  Home crowd is in for a treat and we will profit by it.  Oilers ML is the play of the day.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.

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