NHL Betting : Montreal at Washington 2/24

NHL Betting

One must address the issue of complacency in our NHL Betting analysis.  How far off to the end of the road does a team need to be when their success is an utter success?  This is what Washington has to deal with in the upcoming weeks?  One of the hottest teams gets to host Montreal on 2/24.  If they skate to their ability then the puckline should be well within our sights.  Let us examine to divine how hard they will come out for this game on the 24th.


NHL Betting ; February

This is the time when successful teams tend to rely on what has gotten them here.  The Caps are firmly entrenched atop of almost the entire NHL.  Now how much is just business as usual?  If Washington wins on the 24th then they would have met their season win total for last year with 23 games left.  Even players that know better are saying odd things.  Alex Ovechkin was noted as saying that he doesnt think anyone can catch them.  Dangerous for the prospects of sports investment.

99 Percent of Winning President’s Trophy

The hardware that is considered a door stop on the way to the Stanley Cup.  President’s Trophy represents the ability to conquer the regular season as the league’s best.  Where this will be most seen is on the road and those notorious back to back games.  With the Caps entrenched in a home stand with suitable rest, the effort should be there tonight.  One suspects that the coach is quick to point out that decisive victories have not been the norm as of late.  Out of their last six games, only one has been of a two or more goal win.  This is starting to slice the cake too thin for a team of such immense talent.

Montreal without Price is a shell of what they were.  The best team early on skated with abandon because they knew their all star net minder could hold the fort short handed.  It made them formidable.  Now they are average at best and frankly a broken team.  To see such greatness slip from your fingers when your star player is gone is tough to swallow.  This season is one of broken promises for the Habs.  All of this has us not taking the Caps ML near -215 but the puckline of -1 1/2 with a nice price of +135.  Look for Washington to pulverize them on the 24th with no letdown until they take to the road.


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