NHL Betting : Players Ready to Cool Off

HRWager’s NHL Betting division looks at teams that are riding the success of a hot player or two right now.  While a few franchises have others to fill in the breach when they cool off, most will not be ready to cope with the drop off in production.  In today’s blog news, we examine a few franchises riding high and why a losing streak might just be around the corner  Sit back as together we glean why subtraction for these teams will get our bankroll into even more positive territory.

NHL Betting : Son of a Legend

Filip Forsberg is making a name for himself in the NHL.  His current prowess has propelled Nashville up the standings at 31-21-11 with four straight wins.  12 goals and four assists since the 6th of February is fantastic and what the Preds needed right now.  Good news for the franchise is that he can play even better.  Bad news is here for the immediate future.  He had streakiness like this last season when near the end he tired out.  With more experience, his production will be slightly higher but more steady.  In essence, we project that he can not keep this pace up for more than another week.  Look for Nashville to fade because of this.

Islanders Goaltender

NHl Betting

Jaroslav had to be sat down for two games and then responded with some of the best goal tending of his life.  However, the wheels might already be falling off as a 3-1 loss in Edmonton was  a disappointment.  His norm is of a mid level goal tender.  It is an odd thing that goalies have with superstition.  Last year he did wonders with his lucky mask.  He went back to it when benched and had good results.  The placebo effect is gone and with it, the Islanders are much worse for the wear.  This young team needs some more seasoning.  While not a fade, the attitude in the office is to just lay off them in the next two weeks.


There is money to be made in predicting when streaking players are ready to hit a wall in their production.  The Islanders can survive their goaltending woes because of a dynamic attack.  Nashville on the other hand really needs consistent scoring from Filip to keep their current place in the league.  Bearing these things in mind, it is easy to forecast an investment plan on these two teams in the upcoming weeks.  Good fortune today and we will see you later on here at the HRW.

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