NHL Free Agency : Value Still Remains

We cover NHL Free Agency here at HRWager because we have a loyal component of our fan base wagering on it with a daily frequency.  Both out head linesman and George the owner have to work very hard to remain competitive against some our hockey gurus.  Last year, we could stand pat in our knowledge that the Free Agent class for hockey was galvanized by the middle of July.  Not so this year as big names with even larger effects on the league have yet to settle into where they play for 2105.  So for both our sakes and yours, HRWager presents some of our impressions on whom is left, where they might go, and the effect it will have on betting the NHL next season.

NHL Free Agency : Key 2014 Numbers

What helped us is that those skaters that signed after the middle of the month in July were mostly fringe players.  To illustrate this point, not one of them got even thirty points last year.  Only two, Winnik and Stempniakgot to above twenty points.  Some of the others provided depth but that didnt pan out as a wagering factor until at least 1/3 of the season was over.  This year there are many more players who still can provide game changing ability and are up in the air.

All or Nothing Alexander

NHL Free Agency

Danger is in the air but the consensus that his struggles with the Hurricanes was that he resented playing on such a bad tea.  Being a malcontent has hurt him as teams have shied away from his asking price so far.  The ideal team for him is one that can tolerate his pretty boy hockey style.  He does not like being touched in the least.  Defense is an after thought.  Semin would have made a perfect Toronto Maple Leaf before their transition to Babcock.  Look for the Wings or a West team with money to spare near the top to take a flier on him for two years or so.  His signing in Detroit would cause us to upgrade the Wings for 2015.

There are defensive signings in Ehroff and Franson that could bolster the defensive ranks.  An Alberta team wold be willing to overspend to get the depth at that position.  What worries us are two players that are under the radar, are medium asking prices, and who can greatly affect who they go to.  Eric Fehr was invaluable to Washington.  He gives second line depth to those that were injury riddled last year. Brad Boyes is that chess piece that with a little production can be traded at the playoff deadline for more valuable considerations.  Plenty of room is still available in the NHL Free Agent market.  Mark where Semin goes.  If it is too a contender then upgrade him as he his the scoring punch that many need in this league.  Good fortune and enjoy your weekend here at HRWager.

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